About Tanzania

The Flag and The Emblem


The Flag


Tanzania flag has four colours: Green- Golden-Black and Blue:
divided diagonally by a (golden)yellow-edged black band from the lower hoist-side corner; the upper triangle (hoist side) is green and the lower triangle is blue.

Black=the People Green=the Land
Blue=the Adjoining Sea Golden=the Mineral Wealth

Effective date: 30 June 1964.

The Emblem


The central feature of the Coat of Arms is the Warrior's Shield which bears a Golden portion on the upper part followed underneath by the United Republic flag of Green, Golden, Black and Blue; and a red portion under which are wavy bands of blue and white.

The Golden portion represents minerals in the United Republic; the red portion underneath the flag symbolises the fertile red soil of Africa; while the wavy bands represent the land, sea, lakes and coastal lines of the United Republic.
The Shield is set upon a representation of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Shield there is an elephant tusk supported by a man on the left (as you look at the emblem) and a woman on the right symbolising both the theme of co-operation and gender and equality of the people of Tanzania.
At the feet of the man is a clove bush and at the feet of the woman is a cotton bush symbolising agriculture in the Republic.
Superimposed features on the Shield are flames of a burning torch which signifies freedom, enlightenment and knowledge; a spear signifying defence of freedom and crossed axe and hoe being tools that the people of the United Republic use in developing the country.