General Information


Tanzania is a tropical country with off-shore islands and a long coast line on the eastern side.
Its topographic features include mountain ranges and some high peaks - Mt. Kilimanjaro rises to 1934 ft / 5895 m and Mt. Meru rises to 4567 m above sea level.
The southern highlands (Tukuyu, Udzungwa and Rungwe areas) and the northern highlands (Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Ngorongoro areas) are characterised by cool climates with temperatures ranging from 5 to 26 degrees Centigrade.

Except for these highland areas, it never gets really cold.
For safaris avoid brightly coloured clothes as they may alarm animals. In the northern wildlife parks, it is recommended to wear casual light clothing, canvas hats and sturdy shoes, whereas in the parks to the south it is much warmer thus lighter clothes are more comfortable. At night, casual wear with a light cardigan or a pull over is recommended especially in high altitudes.

Tanzanians, in general, are modest people with deep cultural and traditional values. Hence, whatever you wear must be equally modest and respectful.

Neither topless nor nudity is allowed at beaches or at any other public places.

Along the coast temperatures may reach 32 degrees centigrade during the hottest months of January - March but as low as 18 degrees centigrade during June - August. Wear light cotton clothes. Sun cream, sunglasses and broad hats are essential for sunbathers along the beach

  1. Local Time

    Tanzania is 6 hours behind (-6 hrs) Japan's time.(GMT +3 hours winter time and +2 hours summer time)

  2. Telephone

    Analogue and mobiles phones are widely used.
    The country code for Tanzania is +255.

  3. Electricity

    230 volts AC, 50 Hz

  4. Currency

    Tanzania shilling

    Money changes accepted in the larger hotels and banks.

    There are restructions in taking out the local currency; visitors are therefore advised to exchange foreign currency only to the extent of their requirements.The local currency is freely convertible to foreign currency in banks and bureauxdechange at a commission.

  5. Credit cards and travelers'cheques

    Credit cards (Access, MasterCard, Visa, American -Express, and Eurcard) are accepted only at major lodges, hotels, and travel agents.

    A surcharge may be added for this service. ATM and 24-hour cash machines are available in branches of major banks.

    Travelers' cheques in pounds sterling or US dollars are recommended, though it may be difficult to exchange them outside the main cities.