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Certificate of No Impediment

When a citizen of The United Republic of Tanzania desires to contract a marriage with a citizen of another country, a Certificate of No Impediment is required if the law of that country requires him/her to produce one.
This certificate is proof that no legal impediment to the intended marriage is known to the responsible authority in Tanzania (Registrar - General of Marriages).

The Embassy's role is to endorse the application forms for Certificates of No Impediment

●Certificate of No Impediment (RGM.12) Application Form Download (PDF) , and the applicant is responsible to send directly to the following address:-

The Registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA)

P.O. Box 9183
TEL : +255-22-2153069
FAX : +255-22-2153075

Note that, when the certificate is issued, the applicant is supposed to bring/send it to the Embassy for authentication.
Please visit : &lang=en/ for more information and
for downloading

●Certificate of No Impediment (RGM.12) Application Form Download (PDF) application form.

For those who would like to send their applications to Zanzibar they should address to:-

Office of the Registrar General

Mambo Msiige Building, Kelele Street, Shangani
P.O. Box 772
TEL : +255242236324
FAX :+255242236325

Renunciation of Citizenship (KUUKANA UTANZANIA)

Requests for renunciation of citizenship are received by the Embassy and forwarded to the Immigration Headquarters.
The applicant will be informed of the decision by the Embassy.
The applicant is also allowed to make a follow up of his/her application directly to the Immigration Headquarters in Tanzania.
For further information and for obtaining application forms, please visit : →Quick Links → Downloadable Forms.

The applicant is required to fill in two original copies of the application form.

The form should be signed by a Magistrate or a Commissioner of Oaths/Notary Public Office/Court clerks etc.
The application forms should be submitted together with

  • 3 passport sized photos,
  • Tanzanian passport
  • a letter of offer of new citizenship (it must be translated in English).

Police Clearance Certificate from Tanzania

If you wish to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate you need to apply in writing to:-

Officer In-charge
Forensic Bureau
Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters
Ministry of Home Affairs
P.O. Box 9094
TEL : +255 22 2110006/ +255 713 482428/ +255 713 216144
FAX :+255 22 2112174

You also need to submit the following:-

a) A set of finger prints certified by local authorities.

b) A copy of your passport (all pages with full personal details).

c) The fee of US$ 25.

Police Clearance Certificate 

Kwa wale wanaohitaji Hati ya Polisi ya Tabia Njema (Police Clearance Certificate) kutoka Tanzania wanatakiwa kufuata hatua zifuatazo:-

  • Kwenda katika kituo cha Polisi kilichoko karibu naye ili achukuliwe alama za vidole (Certified Fingerprints).
    Karatasi halali yenye alama za vidole iwe na taarifa za jina la afisa aliyekuhudumia na muhuri wa kituo husika.
  • Kuandika barua ya maombi kwa ajili ya kupatiwa hati hiyo.
  • Kuambatanisha US$ 25 kama malipo ya huduma ya kutayarisha hati husika.
  • Kuambatanisha nakala ya pasipoti (kurasa zote zenye maelezo muhimu ziwemo).

 Vitu hivi vyote vitumwe moja kwa moja kwa

Officer In-charge
Forensic Bureau
Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters
Ministry of Home Affairs
P.O. Box 9094
Simu: +255 22 211006, 2118637, au +255 754 827940
Fax: +255 22 2112174


Documents such as; Birth certificate, Certificate of No Impediment, Marriage certificate, Driving license, School and college certificate, Passport, and other documents originating from Tanzania can be brought to the Embassy for authentication and verification.
The Embassy is not responsible for translation of such documents from English/Kiswahili to Japanese.
The authentication and verification of such individual documents is free of charge. The Embassy also authenticates companies' official documents which have been approved by the Notary Public Offices in respective countries.